Feature-Women Heated Jacket and Vest

At Conqueco, we do not let the elements define us. Our timeless collection of women’s heated jackets and vests are perfect for the modern woman who loves to explore and adventure and who refuses to let cold weather keep her down. Our jackets and vests are fitted, simple and chic so they go with every style and every occasion.

Whether you are planning a group skiing trip, a romantic horseback ride in the snow, a fishing adventure in Alaska, or any other cold weather adventure, we got you covered! Our jackets and vests are purposely designed to keep you warm in the coldest temperatures, but they are not bulky so you can move easily and look amazing!

Choose from the following designs

1.Women’s heated jacket— lightweight, slim fit. This chic jacket is waterproof and windproof and is the ultimate choice for colder climates with damp conditions. Battery charged, this jacket stays heated for up to 10 hours, offering you the warmth and protection for a full day of adventure! It has 4 levels of temperature (pre-heat, low, medium and high) and heats at the left chest, right chest and back.

2.Women’s heated jacket— shell soft with polar fleece on the inside. This is another form fitting jacket that provides the ultimate comfort and is also waterproof and windproof. This operates on battery power for up to 10 hours and is cordless, portable, and rechargeable. The USB port can power cell phones and computers.

3.Women’s heated jacket— slim fit electric hoodie jacket with battery pack. The hoodie on this jacket adds another layer of protection from snow, wind, and other harsh weather conditions.

4.Women’s heated vest— lightweight, slim fit. This vest is made with soft shell on the outside and is lined with polar fleece on the inside for the ultimate comfort and warmth. It has three core heating zones on the left chest, right chest, and mid back to keep you super warm in the coldest climates.

5.Women’s heated vest— polar fleece gilet with electric and rechargeable battery. Our second style of vest is battery charged for up to 10 hours. It is sleek in design, giving you the ultimate warmth in the fall and winter months.

Why Do I Need a Heated Jacket or Vest?

If you are someone who loves to be outdoors, you know the climate can make all the difference in your experience. We designed our line of women’s heated jackets and vests so we never have to say no to an outdoor activity! Our vests and jackets are battery operated and when fully charged last up to 10 hours. They bring timeless style so you can wear them for seasons to come!

Conqueco heated jackets and vests are perfect for the fall and winter months and are good for enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, skiing and much more! If you want to look and feel amazing on your next outdoor adventure, our jackets and vests are a must!



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