How does it work?
Charge the battery come with the jacket. Plug in the battery with the jacket in the battery pocket (left inside or outside).Press the rubber button on the left check. The jacket starts with a blink red, and you are good to go. Press any time for changing temp. setting.

    Where does the battery pack go/located?
    In a left side pocket inside or outside your cloth. It depends on different models.

    How does the battery connect to the heated jacket/vest?
    We use standard USB port.

    How long does the jacket provide heat with the supplied battery?
    3.5-4.0 hours for High.5.25-6.0 hours for Medium.10.5-12 hours for Low. Working times really depends on the model you use, and please check with the item details..

    Can you change the temperature setting on this jacket?
    There are 3 different settings., high (red light), medium (white light), and low (blue light). There is a rubber button on the left check inside/outside the jacket. When pressed and held it makes it turn on, then if you hit is once it goes on high, hit it again Med and then again it goes to low. Press and hold and it shuts off.

    How hot does each temperature setting get?
    There are 3 temperature setting. Red light is high about 45/113℉, and white light is Medium about 40/104℉, and Blue light is low about 35/95℉. It really depends on the environment temperature. 

    Can the heated jacket/vest wired to a Motorcycle?
    If your motorcycle has standard usb output over 5v2.6a, it will be ok.

    How many heating elements does this vest have? Is there a heater in the front/chest area?
    Normally heated jacket/vest will have heating elements in chests and middle back, some even has on the collar. But it really depends on the model you use. 

    Can you turn on and adjust heat without taking battery pack out?
    Yes, there is a rubber button on the outside/inside of the cloth. You can turn it off, on, or adjust the temperature without taking the battery out.  

    Can the light be turned off while the jacket still heating?
    No, you can’t. We suggest you use a tape to cover it. 

    Should I unplug the cable from the jacket when not using? Does it drain battery?
    No. It just drains little power of the battery. Unplug the battery when you need to charge it or wash the cloth. 

    Is there any good for pain in the back?
    Heat will good for blood cycling, and before using, make sure to ask your doctor for advice. 

    Can I use the jacket/vest in a very low temperature environment? Is the battery ok for that?
    All Battery will have lower efficiency in very lower temperature area. Make sure to get everything ready for outdoor activity, connect the battery to your cloth and put it into the battery bag. The battery stay in cloth and keep near the body and it should have enough heat to work normally.