How Our Heated Clothing Changes Lives and Makes Every Day Better

Every single day, we hear a different customer story that warms our hearts. From staying toasty during the harsh cold nights while filming to helping with chronic pain while riding, CONQUECO has been changing lives and helping people, even in ways we couldn’t have imagined!

“I have Raynaud’s and I’m autistic with sensory issues to the cold so what feels like 40 to everyone else feels like 20 to me. I use the heat to keep my sensory needs in check most of the year as my sensory issues can trigger my physical pain. When I got bucked off the horse and landed on my hip, I couldn’t use a traditional hot pack because it was putting too much pressure. I turned on my heated jacket and laid it on my side,” CONQUECO customer, Amanda G., from New York, shared with us.Conqueco Women's Heated vest

This isn’t an uncommon thing we hear, actually! People who live with chronic pain every day often tell us that the structure of our heated apparel and the placement of the heating elements helps them cope when the weather turns unbearable.

Heated apparel makes an impact on everyone in all industries, across all walks of life. It can turn what is typically regarded as a “warm weather sport” and turn it into an all-year-round event. It’s an athlete's secret weapon against freezing cold temperatures.

“I play year-round in the Carolinas Golf Association, as well as three other leagues in my area. I always go out to practice one hour before every round and play at least four days a week, all year.. I could not live without my heated vest It gives me a competitive edge by allowing me to practice early in the mornings when other people are not willing to come out because it's so cold,” Sara T., in North Carolina, told us.CONQUECO customers aren’t cowards!

Conqueco women heated jacket

They get up, they put in the work, they’re rewarded with instant heat with the push of a button and they WIN. They also persevere in the most challenging climates for their jobs.“My heated jacket completely transformed my experience working on the set of a big horror TV show,” Gobe H., from California, told us about working in the camera department for a tv show. “Working all night on set, without breaking once for lunch for two months, in dust and dirt, for long hours, in the cold can really wear on you. 

Not only are you constantly working in the dark, you're also freezing COLD! But really and truly, with the heated jacket it made it so much better.  I could handle the night work being warm. I was in a much better spirit with most of my department and boosted their morale.”

“When I have the gloves and jacket on, my horses can sense the heat coming off them and they lean into it as it feels really nice when it’s 20 degrees outside. I’ll be standing there and all of a sudden, I have a horse head wrapped around me trying to grab my heat. Horses are smart,” Amanda said.

Conqueco women heated jacket

Horses love CONQUECO. Horses ARE smart. 

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