Women’s Heated Jackets and Vests warm for outdoor in winter

Are you someone who loves to adventure outside? Do you love to horseback through the mountains or hike up to the highest peak? Are you someone who loves to camp under the stars? If this is you, you are not alone! There is a vast community of men and women who love to adventure in the great outdoors and who refuse to let the cold air stop them!

You are our people! We have created the most advanced heated jackets and vests for women and are known for our innovation and quality products. If you are planning your next adventure and want to be protected from the coldest weather, we got you covered!

Choose from our timeless designs and long-lasting heated jackets and vests. Our designs are wind and waterproof and are fitted snug to keep your body warm. We design our pieces with intention and position the heating elements to generate heat across the core body areas, including the mid-back as well as the left and right chest.



Our designs have battery packs that last up to 10 hours, so you can spend and entire day or night in the cold air. Simply press the button and adjust the heat from low, medium to high.

Conqueco Heated Jacket: our women’s heated jacket is the most timeless design. It is fitted and is both water and windproof. Its breathable material makes it warm and comfortable in all types of activities such as snowmobiling, riding on a motorcycle, mountain camping, fighting or hiking. No matter where this winter adventure leads, you will be warm and comfortable in our heated jacket!

Conqueco Women’s Heated Jacket with a Hood:our heated jacket with a hood is designed to offer more protection from the cold. It is designed to be a slim fit, so you are comfortable, warm, and stylish! Designed to protect from the coldest weather, our women’s heated jacket with a hood is designed to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

Conqueco Women’s Heated Vest Lightweight Slim Fit:our slim fit women’s heated vest is a classic. It’s slim fit makes it stylish and the carbon fiber heating technology keeps the main part of the body warm. The vest is more versatile than a jacket and is perfect for activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, snowmobiling and walking around in cold weather.

Conqueco Women’s Heated Vest Polar Fleece Gilet with Electric & Rechargeable Battery:the heated fleece vest brings next level comfort and warmth. It is perfect for the woman who loves to be outdoors but also loves to be comfortable and warm. The fleece makes it feel like a hug from a blanket while the rechargeable battery stays warm for up to ten hours.        

No matter what you are doing outdoors, don’t let the cold stop you! Skiing, camping, hiking, and laying beneath the stars has never been more enjoyable than with a heated jacket or vest from Conqueco. All our designs are intended to keep you warm for hours so you can explore the great outdoors and feel comfortable while doing it!

Our designs are made for the adventurer in you!


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